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Job Search and Career Transition Expert, Todd Bermont

Over 25 years of experience. Founder and Principal of TCC Learning LLC and the developer / creator of The Careers College™, Todd Bermont is a world-renowned job-hunting expert with over 25 years of Fortune 500 experience. As a top-level manager and speaker, he has hired, mentored, and motivated individuals in 20+ countries across the globe.

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book combo_2Mr. Bermont has taught at some of the finest universities 

Courses by Todd Bermont have been featured by the University of Chicago's Graham School of Continuing Education, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and Loyola University. His original online job-hunting course, 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search is currently available through over 2,200 colleges and universities. In addition Todd Bermont has served on the Leadership Committee for the University of Chicago's Graham School of Continuing Education.

Mr. Bermont's books have been endorsed by celebrities such as Brian Tracy and Les Brown and can be found on Amazon.com

Todd Bermont has been featured by: TV / radio / newspapers

Television appearances by Todd Bermont include: CNN, ABC, CBS and FOX. Mr. Bermont has also been featured in CareerBuilder, Forbes and FOX Business, and on scores of radio programs including: Radio America, USA Radio Network and Money Matters Radio Network.

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Todd Bermont
Principal, TCC Learning LLC / The Careers College™
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