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Overcoming Job Loss

How to survive unemployment and get a job!

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This course module is for the recently unemployed and those at risk of losing their job

Overcoming Job Loss is the first of a series of online job search and career transition course modules offered by The Careers College™. This is an optional module provided to help job seekers, of all ages, get a job they want, at a salary they deserve. Losing a job can elicit all sorts for feelings from fear, panic and grief, to joy and relief. In this course module, individuals in transition will discover how to cope with the emotions of losing a job and the recommended action items to take when faced with a job layoff. Participants who take this course module will understand that everything happens for a reason and will be better positioned to succeed in their job search to land a job.

Just because a person loses a job does not mean it is time to panic. This course module shares a proven methodology for navigating the job search so job seekers can get back on their feet... fast!

Overcoming Job Loss | Topics & Objectives:

 Section 1: Coping with the Emotions of Job Loss

  • Eliminate feelings of being overwhelmed by losing a job
  • Overcome the tendency to get depressed over a job loss
  • Improve frame-of-mind and believe in the ability to succeed

 Section 2: Recommended Action Items to do Following Job Loss

  • Seven (7) essential action items to do within 48 hours of losing a job
  • Understanding rights when a job is terminated
  • Uncover the essential steps needed to move forward with a successful job search

 Section 3: Landing a Great Job in Any Economy

  • Use a 10-step process to get a great job in any economy
  • Takie action and tune out surrounding negativity
  • Choose a life of joy and prosperity
  • Land a job quickly... even in tough times

Course Module Details:

  • Section 1: Coping with the Emotions of Job Loss
  • Section 2: Recommended Action Items to do Following Job Loss
  • Section 3: Landing a Great Job in Any Economy
  • Course Module Materials: E-Textbook, E-Worksheets, Budget Spreadsheets & More!
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 60 Minutes
  • Subscription Period: 12 Months


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