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Exploring Career Options

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For job seekers who want to be focused in the job search to land a job that is truly satisfying

Unfortunately, most people don't like what they do for a living. Don't make that same mistake. You have a chance for a great start. You can get a job you can really enjoy. The key is to know how to decide what you really want to do for a living. This course module provides students with the tools and guidance necessary to discover what to do for a living and to answer the question “What is my ideal job?” In this module, students will brainstorm potential job opportunities, prioritize those opportunities into a very specific target list of jobs, and then develop a winning plan for success.

To succeed in today’s tough job market, it's essential to know exactly what job is desired. Everything from developing résumés to selling one's self in the interview is determined by the decisions made during this phase of the job search. Job satisfaction and overall career success is directly impacted by how well ability is matched with one's passions, principles and desires. By the end of this course module, participants will have identified the ideal job and develop a personal job search mission statement that will drive the focus and success of the remaining job search process.

Exploring Career Options | Topics & Objectives:

 Section 1: Conducting a Baseline Assessment

  • Take a snapshot of the current situation
  • Articulate the positives and negatives of previous job experiences
  • Quantify personal strengths and apply them to the job search

 Section 2: Exploring Mindset and Motivation

  • Unleash the power of passion
  • Leverage the impact of core values and principles
  • Align career with life's purpose

 Section 3: Brainstorming the Possibilities and Defining the Ideal Job

  • Explore and brainstorm all the possibilities
  • Take a step-by-step approach to deciding the best job and career path
  • Develop a job search mission statement that will serve as the foundation of the job hunt

Course Module Details:

  • Section 1: Conducting a Baseline Assessment
  • Section 2: Exploring Mindset and Motivation
  • Section 3: Brainstorming the Possibilities and Defining the Ideal Job
  • Course Materials: E-Textbook, E-Worksheets, & More
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 120 Minutes
  • Subscription Period: 12 Months


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