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Following Up

How to close the deal and get the job offer!

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For job seekers who want to follow up the right way after interviews to ensure landing the job

The seventh step to landing the ideal job is to properly follow up after your job interviews. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of job seekers ever bother to send a proper thank you note after an interview. Improper follow-up conveys a negative message and a lack of desire for the job. While sending a thank you note after an interview in itself won't get a candidate hired, lack of follow-up can certainly inhibit the ability to land a job offer.  

The quality of follow-up can absolutely make or break one's chances of getting a second interview and/or landing the job. The hours immediately following the interview can be as important as the interview itself. There is a right way and a wrong way to follow up and this course module teaches how to properly follow up to get the offer.

Following Up | Topics & Objectives:

 Section 1: Reflecting on the Job Interview

  • Discover why the hour right after the interview is as important as the interview itself
  • Use the interview experience to improve interviewing skills
  • Capture key nuggets of information that can improve the odds of getting hired

 Section 2: Who, What, Where, When and Why

  • Use secret techniques to increase the chances of getting a job
  • Know what to and not to include in follow-up correspondence and interview thank you notes
  • There is a specific time-frame in which to should follow up; miss it at one's peril

 Section 3: Following up and Landing the Job

  • Discover the most effective methods to follow up after the interview
  • Know what to do when a prospective employer is not providing feedback or returning calls
  • Uncover the secrets to using a rejection to get back in contention and discover other opportunities

Course Module Details:

  • Section 1: Reflecting on the Job Interview
  • Section 2: Who, What, Where, When and Why
  • Section 3: Following up and Landing the Job
  • Course Materials: E-Textbook, E-Worksheets, Interview Review Guide + More!
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 60 Minutes
  • Subscription Period: 12 Months


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