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helpIndividuals who enroll in The Careers College™ are given access to both our exclusive job search education, as well as to our powerful online career resource center. In our online career resource center, we provide scores of valuable job search tools and career transition resources to compliment the knowledge gained from the learning modules. These tools and resources are intended to help job seekers expedite the job search. Job seekers can leverage these tools and resources to land the ideal job as quickly and effectively as possible. Yes, you can succeed. We'll show you how.

     Job Search Tools:

  • Résumé Templates
  • Job Interview Preparation Checklist
  • ROI Calculator
  • Desired Salary Calculator
  • "Mock" Interview Tools
  • Job Interview Note-Taking Templates
  • Job Interview Review Guide
  • "To-Do" List Worksheets
  • And much more!

To compliment the best job search and job interview education found anywhere, The Careers College ™ is proud to provide each participant with a wealth of additional career transition resources.

Woman on TabletCareer Transition Resources:

    ♦ Job Search Database - Over 6 Million Job Listings
    ♦ Internship Database - Over 68,000 Internship Postings
    ♦  Recruiter Database - Access to Thousands of Recruiters
    ♦  Occupation Database - Discover the Ideal Career
    ♦  Skills Assessment - Uncover New Job Possibilities
    ♦  Personality Assessment - Know What You Really Want
    ♦  Career Interest Profiler - Leverage Your Passion
    ♦  Over 500 Career Videos - Explore Your Options
    ♦  Complimentary Internet Resource Recommendations - Great Free Info
    ♦  Links to Articles of Interest - Best of the Best
    ♦  Job Search Worksheets and Exercises - Use to Get a Job Now
    ♦  Career Assessments - Further Exploration
    ♦  And Much More! - YES!


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