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Your résumé only gets 30 seconds to make a positive first impression!

Your résumé is your very own commercial that will either convince managers to interview you, or to reject you, along with the thousands of other applicants. You only get 30 seconds to make a positive first impression - otherwise you won't get an interview!

Below are some helpful tips on writing résumés that will grab attention and land you interviews - as well as free sample résumés to help you make a successful career transition. To find the free sample résumés, just page down past the résumé tips. Other free sample résumés can be found by going to www.google.com, bing.com or www.yahoo.com and typing in "free sample résumés" or "sample résumés."

green-checkmark1. Have a winning résumé format!

You'll notice in the free sample résumés below, that accomplishments are listed right up at the top of the résumé, so managers can easily find them.

green-checkmark2. Be concise and use keywords!

Many managers look for specific keywords on résumés. Determine the most important skills that you have for the job you want and put them right up at the front of the résumé.

green-checkmark3. Be objective and stick to the facts on your résumé!

Put quantifiable accomplishments and responsibilities. If you are the world's greatest salesperson then put statistics like achieved 80% year-over-year sales growth.

green-checkmark4. Keep your résumé position-relevant!

Only put information on the résumé that is relevant to the job opportunity. Before you put anything on your résumé, put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and as the questions "So what?" and "Why should I care?" If after doing so, you feel the information is relevant then put it on your résumé. If not, leave it out.

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Free Sample Résumés:

The Following Sample Résumé is an Example of a Chronological Résumé



For more free sample résumés, check out the following websites: 10 Step Job Search and Quintcareers.

Another great site to visit is http://www.sample-resume.net/.

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