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Landing the ideal job just got a lot easier

The Careers College™ introduces a proprietary, step-by-step, methodology to mastering the job search.

Discover how to quickly land a great job in any economy.

We are proud to offer three levels of membership plans:

 • One Month Access | $99
 • Three Months Access | $197
 • Lifetime Membership | $297


With The Careers College™, discover how to:cloudmaze

     ♦  Build confidence
     ♦  Increase desirability to prospective employers
     ♦  Discover what to do for a living
     ♦  Create résumés and cover letters that get results
     ♦  Learn how to truly leverage LinkedIn
     ♦  Uncover the hidden job market and be the first interviewed
     ♦  Eliminate interview anxiety
     ♦  Interview to win to ensure getting hired over the competition
     ♦  Negotiate the best possible offers
     ♦  Start right on the new job


We share insider secrets to job hunting success

Created by world-renowned author and career expert, Todd Bermont, The Careers College™ provides the latest information and tools needed to land a great job fast. Step-by-step we help job seekers succeed.

About Todd Bermont...


Interactive learning modules include:

     ♦  Overcoming Job Losslaptop-alternate
     ♦  Building Confidence
     ♦  Exploring Career Opportunities
     ♦  Marketing Skills (Résumés / Cover Letters /
         Social Media / and more!)
     ♦  Conducting the Job Search
     ♦  Preparing for Job Interviews
     ♦  Interviewing to Win
     ♦  Following Up (Post Interview)
     ♦  Negotiating the Best Deal
     ♦  Starting Right


The Careers College™ is the one resource a job seeker needs to master the job search

We simplify the job search by introducing an interactive, building-block approach to landing a great job. We also provide complementary tools and resources to expedite the job search. Participants learn what they want, when they want, as many times as they want during the purchased subscription period.


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Each learning module contains:

      ♦  Instructional video 
      ♦  E-textbook 
      ♦  Interactive exercises
      ♦  Worksheets and tools 
      ♦  Links to complimentary resources
      ♦  Personal assessments
      ♦  Job search and recruiter databases 
      ♦  And more! 



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Please note: The Careers College™ is not now, nor will be, a private institution of higher education or an educational or training establishment. Instead, The Careers College™ is an instructional SaaS product that is offered online through the utilization of this website. The instruction is not intended to result in the acquisition of training for a specific employment field, is not intended to meet a qualificiation for licensure or certification in an employment field, and is not intended to provide credit that can be applied toward a certificate or degree program.

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